Losing weight too fast? Here’s why crash diets can be dangerous


Ever wondered if there’s anything called losing weight too fast? If you think that’s what dreams are made of, you might be wrong. Just like gaining weight too fast can be bad for our health, losing weight too quickly can be detrimental too. Everyone wants quick weight loss results, but only sustained efforts like having a balanced meal and working out can give you a healthy body.

Losing weight too fast with crash diets can lead to multiple health problems. The increased depletion of nutrients brings with it conditions such as sleep trouble, hormonal imbalance, among others. While these conditions by themselves may not seem too alarming, they give rise to diseases as a ripple effect.

Here’s how losing weight too soon can be bad for your health.Adopting a crash diet can lead to malnourishment. If you are eliminating important food groups in order to reduce calories, you may miss out on getting enough iron, folate, vitamin D in your diet.

It may lead to dehydration

Whenever you make big changes to your diet, the first thing you lose is the water weight. It is important to stay hydrated. But if you think drinking less water means less weight, that’s not going to help.

Feel tired all the time

The nutritional deficiencies can have a direct impact on how you feel mentally and physically. Some of these deficiencies can lead to sleep problems and anaemia.Dramatic weight loss can come coupled with nausea, diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal pain. All of these may lead to digestion troubles.

Slow metabolism

Quick weight loss can also slow down your metabolism. When your metabolism slows down, your body burns fewer calories. This may make it easier for you to gain weight on even a lesser amount of food.

Encourage gallstones

A gallbladder attack can be painful. When it’s functioning normally, gallbladder is there to produce digestive juices that help digest fatty foods. But if your food intake decreases, your gallbladder can no longer release juices. This may lead to a clogged gallbladder and may need medical attention.

Thus, according to experts, the best way to lose weight is by adopting a sustained clean eating diet and adding some exercise to your routine.

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