Top 5 Lifestyle Blog Website


Hello Friends Today Show You Top 5 LifeStyle Blog For You. This top 5 blog very popular in the world.ok let’s begin guys read full post please then try to comment.

Top 5 Lifestyle Blog Website

Top 5 Lifestyle Blog Website


A Cup of Jo is a popular lifestyle blog that features articles about relationships, food, travel, and design. It covers a broad range of topics that appeal to many people. In one post that they have up at the time of this writing, it features a link to a poem that is meant to inspire people to think about their lifestyle and how they make the choices they make. The Poetry Foundation is a regular contributor to this blog, and they have a whole section of poetry collections that readers can enjoy when visiting. The blog is run by Joanna Goddard, a mother of two and writer for the famed Cosmopolitan magazine. Jo has 98,000 followers for her blog. So have a cup of “Jo” and a Cup of Jo!


This blog focuses on fashion and baking, and it strongly appeals to women due to its focus on the culinary and fashion arts. The blog is run by Emily Schuman. She prefers to focus on domestic type lifestyle issues since she believes many of her readers are female. She talks about issues like child rearing and motherhood, as well as new ways to look at fashion. She is very in tune with the latest fashions and has an active clothing line in Nordstrom’s. Her blog is liked by 398,000 followers.


Before you think that only ladies write in the lifestyle space, here’s an example of a great men’s blog. Written and maintained by men’s fashion mogul, Craig Landale, who understands men’s styles. His blog helps men keep up with the clothing trends of the modern male, and it is the go-to place for anything having to do with men’s fashions. The is one of the few male lifestyle blogs out there, but if you search, you will find a few more.


A Beautiful Mess is a stylistic blog focusing on fashion, interior design, and all things having to do with improving one’s lifestyle. It is run by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman who are good friends outside of the blog, as well. They like to focus on DIY tips for homeowners who want to improve their homes with design tips they can do themselves. Emma and Elsie have 561,000 followers on their blog, and that’s pretty good!


The old saying is that “blondes have more fun.” This blog may prove that statement to be true to some extent. The blog’s author, Amber Fillerup Clark, resides in New York with her husband and toddler. She has over 1.3 million followers and seems to have an appeal to a wide variety of people. Her lovely past-the-waist length hair may be one reason. But she seems to be able to exude confidence and a joy of life that attracts people to her site. She offers hair and makeup tips on her blog, along with traveling ideas and great life experiences readers can look into.

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